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Warriors are We

Adwoa AduseiComment

Happy June 8th Fam! We are in full Gemini season, the sun is shining brightly, and it’s my Bornday!! But enough about me (we’ll circle back momentarily 😉). This post is primarily to introduce the new fundraising collection from WoBusu: The Warrior Collection. 

I’ve wanted to join in on the custom T-shirt train for a while, and although the goal is to also design the cut & sew of the shirts (original WoBusu idea), for now WoBusu will be dropshipping courtesy of Printful. 

So, what is the Warrior Collection?


As the inaugural T-Shirt collection, the Warrior Collection hopes to inspire motivation and action in the face of uncertainty.

Although the method of production and delivery for the T-shirts are very different from WoBusu’s other wares, it was important to me that dropshipping still held a personal touch and a sense of giving back.

On a quarterly basis, proceeds from the collection will be sent to a rotating list of charities (of your choosing). This series was created to highlight the various autoimmune diseases that disproportionately affect people of color and those of the African diaspora in particular.

Members of my family and I are no stranger to these types of diseases but even when thrown a curveball we tend to grin and bear it. Some of you may know that although WoBusu has been a dream of mine for years, it wasn’t until late last year that I decided to put fear aside and try to make the dream a reality. This was in large part due to the passing of my cousin, Theresa, after a valiant fight against Lupus.

A brilliantly kind, warm, open and positive teenager, Theresa had been struggling against  a series of ailments for over a year before being diagnosed with Lupus at the end of May 2018. As an extended family we rallied, we prayed, we called, we googled what for most of us was an unknown word.

Theresa Whatsapped me on my birthday last year with one of the most sweet and encouraging greetings I’ve ever received.  I was just floored by her positivity and faith. We didn’t know it at the time, but she would spend the whole summer in the hospital and by August she would be gone. But I will be forever grateful for that summer because from my birthday onwards Theresa and I communicated perhaps more than we had in years. It was that summer that I renewed my determination to live up to how this teenager saw me by following through on my dreams.

So for summer 2019, 100% of the Warrior Collection’s proceeds will go to organizations working to spread  awareness about Lupus and autoimmune diseases in Ghana (Oyemam Autoimmune Foundation) and research/awareness stateside  (Lupus Foundation of America). 

Check back to the blog often for new infographics about the diseases and ways we can fight back! Once you’ve selected your shirts at checkout, you can make your selection for the charities.

We are all Warriors!

~ Ohemaah Serwaah