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Spring Blooms

The BrandAdwoa AduseiComment

Hey Fam,

Why is it that when it rains it feels like a mess of emotions come with it? Everything is wet, chills gets into your bones, and you have to pretend like that trench coat is protecting you from the cold and the rain.  Conversely, the rain sometimes makes you feel like your senses are super heightened: all that lush greenery makes you think things like “this will be a spectacular verdant landscape to offset my Instagram selfie”  and it washes away the pollen that had you stuffed-up for days before you remembered, “I have  allergies,” so that now you can literally “smell the roses” again. Whichever way the rain has you leaning, here are some vernal tunes about growth and newness that will have you feeling yourself— with almost all of your senses.

~Ohemaa Serwaa