African-Made and African-Inspired

As the inaugural T-Shirt series, the Warrior Collection hopes to inspire motivation and action in the face of uncertainty.

On a quarterly basis, proceeds from the collection will be sent to a rotating list of charities ( of your choosing). This series was created to highlight the various auto-immune diseases that disproportionately affect people of color and those of the African diaspora. Check back to the blog often for new infographics about the diseases and ways we can fight back! After you’ve chosen your wares, you can make your selection for the charities at checkout.

We are all Warriors!


Tshirts in this collection are provided by Printful.com and are shipped separately from other WoBusu Accessories. If Warrior Collection items are purchased together with other WoBusu items, enter “FamROAR19” at checkout to receive free shipments for Wobusu (Brooklyn) items.