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4-Letter Word For LOVE

Adwoa AduseiComment

Food or Fool?

Ginger, Shitor (Spicy condiment), Aluguntugui (Sugar Apple), Sugar, Honey, Sugar Cane, Banana, Plantain, Amahdan (Plantain)... I see a pattern emerging.

We're obsessed with love and sex expressed in terms of types of food, and more specifically with phallic foods as stand-ins for these two things. At an egalitarian level, this substitution is something most humans can relate to: consumption to satiate some basic human needs, even if love and sex are things that can be opted out of. In a less desirable discourse, the comparison makes it seem like humanity is basic AF: incapable of differentiating between a need as vital to life as food and concepts of consenting pleasure. I mean, food doesn't talk back, play coy, or say "nah". It's just there for the taking if you're fortunate enough to have it at will. This latter thought process ties neatly into the idea of love as a fool. Driving everyone crazy or "Boolu". In spite of the outlandish things one is want to do/say/sing when blinded by cupid's arrow, music can dull the senses and make us less critical and cynical. Where there is a beat, there is a way. So press play and wander through this Val's Day hungry and confused.

~Ohemaa Serwaa