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New Products: New Beginnings

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Kaneshie Mornings

Kaneshie Mornings

I posted this picture to Facebook a little over a year ago on January 20th, 2018 with the following caption:

“ The view from my mom’s house in kaneshie early morning. Muezzin is calling. People already setting up at kaneshie market across the way and getting trostros at the stations nearby. Unpaved roads and open gutters. It wasn’t always like this. But the hustle is very real out in these streets. Some see sorrow, but I’ve always seen beauty here too. Why I keep coming back. Why I want to try and make a diff[erence]. Soon go come.”

Well, “soon” is now here and I couldn’t be more excited and nervous but mainly excited! A large portion of the products sold here are handmade in Kaneshie and surrounding neighborhoods. As we grow as a brand we hope to continue working with local Ghanaian creatives, while also working with creatives globally. More soon go come. More Vim. More Power. More Energy.

New Products

Winter 2019 Accessories

Winter 2019 Accessories

  • Enter New Beginnings Code: WOBUFAM for free shipping on orders over $75. Good through Sunday, January 27th, 2019.

  • Sales Tax included in Product Prices.

~Ohemaa Serwaa