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Does it ever feel overwhelming the amount of fire we’re supposed to eke out of inspirational quotes? Does it ever get old that the majority of these quotes are from [dead] [white] men about how they overcame fear and redefined what success was? Granted, they’ve had lots of experiences from which the world can learn, one sunny quote at a time. But, the sheer number of them can be a bit much, non? I mean, a healthy dose of cynicism must strengthen our immune systems right?

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Though, as I was compiling this I must say that I was emboldened a little bit more to look fear in the face and go after dreams and put hard work into all of my endeavors. But in all truth perhaps I/we have more in common with [dead] [white] men than the current mood would have us realize...But then, in the same motivationping.com roundup of 100 inspirational quotes, I came across this Newt Gingrich quote which has been cringe-inducingly posted next to a carefree woman clearly  #livingherbestlife.

Screengrab from  www.motivationping.com

Screengrab from www.motivationping.com

I mean, this is the russian roulette problem with random inspo-quotes. Sure, it's good to get a well rounded view of the world and see things from the perspectives of those whom you never thought you’d agree with, but I don’t know. I found this unintentional juxtaposition funnier or at least more telling than even the very intentional humor of say, Jack Handey or David Sedaris; neither of whom I’m sure would like to be compared to Newt. I’ll take a Jack Handey quote almost any day.  

Screengrab from  www.nbc.com

Screengrab from www.nbc.com

The start to 2019 has indeed already thrown some loops my way re: heart and health but I’m going to approach any oncoming curveballs like all the great successful motivational [dead] [white] men of yore: just barrel ahead fearlessly (side-eye emoji) and hopefully engender some InspoQuotes of my own one day. #thedream 

~ Ohemaa Serwaa