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 I wanted to share a little bit of the beginnings of WoBusu from all the way back in 2014. Having just gotten out of Grad school I had ample time on my hands figuring out a way to make WoBusu more than just a twinkle in my eye, but the vision hadn’t yet fully developed.  And even now it is very much still a work in progress, with a solid vision for the ‘right now,’ and big dreams for the future.  In 2014, at its core, WoBusu was still about bringing “African” prints back to basics in order to highlight their mutability and the universality of black aesthetic experiences. So below are a few posts from a very sporadic Tumblr account— owing to life getting away from WoBusu, but WoBusu very much wanting to get back into my life. I share the posts not to get too caught up in the past,  but to show appreciation for the efforts put into the vision by all who supported the idea and also as a marker of where we are now. So much of WoBusu is wrapped up in family, and ‘the past,’ so it makes sense to honor that as often as possible when thinking about the hopeful future of the brand. Thanks for your time, Fam. Enjoy!

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That’s all folks

That’s all folks

~Ohemaa Serwaa (a.k.a Adwoa Adusei)